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Battery/Tyre Services

Battery Sales & Service

Momentum Equipment Services are agents to top world  class traction battery suppliers so we are able to shop around to make sure we can get you the best deal possible. 
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But! Is your forklift battery beyond saving?      

You may not need a new forklift battery just yet. Using specialist, in house equipment we'll test your battery and provide you with a printout that lets you know how it's performing and whether or not it's time for a replacement or if you just need a battery service.


Electric Forklift battery services:

  • Preventive Maintenance programs individualised to meet your requirements with customised reporting to show your battery performance
  • Desulphation via our specially imported equipment
  • Capacity Testing via computerised BDX discharging units
  • Leasing and Hiring
  • Water and deionising filtration equipment
  • Forklift battery chargers (Standard, Smart and Opportunity Chargers)
  • Full repair capability including cell replacements
  • Monitoring & track your battery's condition
  • Free quotes for all battery services
  • Environmentally friendly used battery disposal
  • Battery Acid Adjustments
  • Recommendations for battery room setups




Here at Momentum Equipment we are leaders in specialised tyre servicing for all range of forklift. With our new Mobile Hydraulic Tyre Press, we are able to provide onsite tyre servicing . We aim to avoid unnecessary vehicle downtime wherever we can with the constant goal of maximising efficiency, productivity and convenience for our customers.



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