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Used Forklift Sales

Momentum has a range of quality used equipment to work with any budget.

You don’t always need to buy a new forklift. Often a second hand forklift will provide the same if not better value for money, especially when you get it from Momentum Equipment.

When you buy a used forklift, you get more than just a refurbished machine. You get to take advantage of Momentum’s comprehensive servicing and maintenance programs that help keep your business moving.

Why buy used forklifts from Momentum Equipment?

Minimise downtime with 24/7 back up and servicing

Monthly check ups to monitor performance and highlight any preventative maintenance

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Nissan Reach Truck


 Year 2005
 3-Ton LPG.
 2-stage Mast lifting to 6000mm.
 Side Shift.
 990mm forks.
 New Battery with 3 year Warranty
 New paint job.
 New Seat.
 New Load Wheels.
 3-month Internal Driveline Warranty.

                $15,000.00 +gst                      


6-953 Crown CG30P


 Year 2011
 3-Ton LPG.
 3-stage container Mast lifting to 4730mm.
 Side Shift.
 1220mm forks.
 New paint job. 
 3-month internal driveline warranty.

$16,000.00 + GST




mantall-780 Mantall XD100RT

  • Kubota engine
  • 4WD
  • 8m Platform height
  • 567kg Lift capacity
  • Swing out Kubota engine
  • Auto self-leveling legs
  • Non marking tyres

Good condition machine with only 800 hrs.
Sold with 6 monthly safety check




$32,500.00 +gst


20190711 105409-903 Nissan CP1B2L25U

  • 2004 Compact Electric 
  • 3-stage mast lifting to 6500mm
  • Integral Side Shift
  • 1070mm forks
  • 14662 hrs
  • Comes with 48 volt 775 amp battery with Douglas Charger.

   $12,000.00 +gst





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