Forklift Repairs and Servicing

Lower the cost of ownership and keep your lift trucks running economically. Every minute your lift trucks are out of action costs you money. You need to make sure that if something goes wrong, you can get the parts and the technicians to get your forklifts back up and running as quickly as possible.

Digital Check Sheet Software ChekRite

New Digital Check Sheet Software

An exciting new service tool to the Momentum Equipment Technicians repertoire is our new Chekrite software. Instead of confusing; old school, single-sheet checklist which can be time-consuming, prone to misinterpretation, misplacement, damage and so on.

ChekRite is clear to understand with coloured Pass, Caution, or Fail selection options. When an issue or problem does arise ChekRite presents this critical information through warnings, graphics, alerts and photos. It is a comprehensive reader friendly programme.

You will receive a real-time notification via email as soon as the job is complete. All data is instantly recorded and accessible on cloud based servers, presented in a PDF report for immediate action or future reference. Easy availability and access allows for minimal paperwork, storage and clutter.

ChekRite uses Apple’s highly secure iOS technology ensures that our inspections are carried out completely, correctly and consistently for you every time.

Forklift workshop

Prevention is the best cure

The easiest way to prevent losses and maximise your up time is to employ a rigorous forklift maintenance program. Momentum’s Preventative Maintenance program takes a proactive approach that gives you the tools to ensure your fork trucks are running safely and efficiently.

You’ll receive a monthly visit from one of our Forklift Specialists who will give your machine a once over. They check the vitals (batteries, fluids, etc.) to ensure that everything is in proper working order and bring to your attention any critical maintenance. You can also receive KPI’s for your machines that take your preventative maintenance to even higher levels by examining costs and potential areas for improvement.

Forklift Breakdown Service

Breakdown Service

  • 7 days a week/24 hours per day
  • Factory trained mobile technicians (9 technicians)
  • Assisting you in Nelson, Nelson Bays through to Westport and Greymouth
  • You can call us for repairs on all major forklift brands
  • Replacement trucks available at discounted rates for longer repairs
  • Direct and easy access to our suppliers for technical support
  • WOF Issuing Authority
  • Onsite Auto Electrical Repairs
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Warranty on all jobs unless stated
Forklift Safety assessments

Standard Services

You'll also find a range of standard forklift servicing, repair and compliance services that keep you safe and productive:

  • Forklift Safety assessments
  • Forklift WOF and Compliance
  • Know how your machines perform with maintenance reports
  • Computerised Battery testing
  • Battery replacement
  • Battery Repairs and Refurbishment
  • LPG Repairs and Installation
  • Engine Tuning and Exhaust Emission Testing
  • Tyre Replacement
  • Major forklift repairs and overhauls
  • Breakdown Services
  • General Engineering
  • Customer Feedback and Recommendations

Other Services

Workshop overhauls and upgrades completed by factory trained technicians including complete access to pain and fabrication workshops and forklift transport services.

For more information contact Momentum Equipment Services on 0800 484 924